Explore Crete on bike

Sports Tours Hellas provides high quality cycling rides to all those who want to experience a ride during their vacation.

Sports Tours Hellas is staffed with knowledgeable people, with a rich experience on cycling and aims at offering riders and their families a ride along marvelous scenery while getting to know locals and tasting organic products produced on the island.

Provided services:

  1. Exclusive tailor-made requests, adapted to the level and needs of the riders.
  2. Ride tours on desired dates
  3. New technology bikes adjusted to the measures of the rider
  4. Escort of a 9seated Mercedes Van – Full Air conditioned or a 5seated Scoda Station Wagon.
  5. Experienced escort
  6. Full feeding service
  7. Lunch at a local restaurant around the ride tour area
  8. If wish, a visit to a winery, a brewery or an olive oil press
  9. Pick up and drop off to your accommodation spot
  10. You can also request for a customized or self guided tour

For requests contact us: info@sportstourshellas.com

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Best Seasons:April to October
Popular Location:Chania

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