The prefecture of Chania (Hania) is one of the four prefectures of Crete and it lies at the west end of the island. It covers an area of 2,376 km and has a population of approximately 134,000 residents. It is mainly a mountainous region but characterized by its velvet beaches, particularly on its south part, where it is bounded by the Libyan Sea. The prefecture of Chania constitutes an amazing and in many parts unspoilt place, where someone can enjoy natural beauties and various amenities.

The capital of the prefecture is the romantic, hospitable and beautiful town of Chania. It is a town built by the sea and combines in a particularly picturesque way the old with the modern architecture. It is divided in two parts, the old town and the modern city. There are many distinctive areas worth visiting such as the ‘harbor’ in the old town. To experience the cultural background of the city, you can visit several important museums such as the archaeological and naval museums, etc.

During your tour around the prefecture of Chania, we suggest that you stroll around the pebbled streets of the Venetian harbor in the old town, which features many historical buildings from the Venetian period. It also offers a thriving night life with its many bars and clubs. Don't forget to visit the ‘lighthouse’ and the ‘Firka’ fortress where many cultural events are hosted during the summer months and it is the place where the nautical museum is also situated.

If you are keen on a day trip you can grab the opportunity and cross the most impressive gorge in Europe, the famous ‘Samaria gorge’.
SAMARIA GORGE it is 17 km long and the best time to visit is early spring or late autumn. The wonderful route is a reward for the rough hiking, since it offers an insight to an imposing landscape and a unique sense of awe and admiration for the wild vegetation, beautiful ruined settlements and wonderful chapels.

Endless beaches all around the prefecture of Chania, unspoiled seashores and small islets make up this beautiful island. An island with a wild, natural beauty basking in sunlight. The blue sea captivates visitors from the first moment and guarantees further visits.

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Best Season:May - September
Popular Location: Elafonhsi, Palaiochora, Sfakia, Falassarna, Mpalos, Gramvousa, Omalos, Therisso, Samaria Gorge

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