Before you rent, read the FAQ carefully.

The most convenient procedure is via our website. You fill in the rental bike form with all the necessary details and afterwards, we will contact you via a mail reply, an SMS text, or preferably via Whats App, in order to confirm the time of the delivery.

We are cyclists! We have a storage place, not a bike shop. We like to provide high services, but not wait all day long in a place, that’s why we deliver the bikes to your location. Punctuality is our goal. We provide service between 18.00-20.00, a day before your rental requested date, and 07.30-09.30 early in the morning.

When you rent a bike from us, at the same time you secure the followings for free:

  1. Helmet
  2. Saddle bag with tube
  3. Lock
  4. Pump
  5. Flat or SPD-Mtb or SPD-SL or Look pedals
  6. Free of charge for deliveries in Chania (For any additional km the charge is 0.3cent per km).

We recommend you 5-6 different courses per area, in order for you to have a wide range of routes, in case of traffic.
From: Chania town, Akrotiri peninsula, Kalyves, Platanias/Agia Marina, Kolymbari

Our main goal is to service you with punctuality. After our contact, we will inform you as soon as possible for the exact time of the bike delivery. We ask from you only to send us your Gps location (or/and street name and hotel-villa name). Due to the increased workload, please wait for us according to the time we have arranged.

All of our rental bikes are in a perfect condition. We rent bikes according to our availability, the model you ordered or a similar brand. You have to respect the quality and the proper use of the bike and deliver it back on the same condition.

You should park the bike in a way that scratches to the frame are avoided. In addition, when you stop, keep your eyes on the bike and lock it. Crete is a safe place, but better take our measures.

The most convenient way to pay is in cash upon delivery. Alternatively, you can do it via Revolut application or through bank transfer.

Because of the fact that we both deliver and conduct bike tours, if we have a last minute request we can’t secure that we can provide you with our services. Preferably, request a rental as soon as you can.

We ask for the soonest cancellation request, as long as you wish it, so that we will have the chance to rent the bike to another person. There isn’t an extra fee for that, and we hope you appreciate it.

We charge only the damage which can happen after a crash or an accident. In this case we stay in touch, after we send the bike to the bike shop we collaborate with and give us their prediction. Later, we send you the report for the necessary replaced parts.