Bikes Delivery

Nothing to worry about. You order us the bike, you give us your measures and we deliver your bike to your hotel. We will delivery it asap. Call at +30 6973023948 or +30 2821098233. No extra fees for delivery. It is complimentary!


Our mechanics check the bikes regularly for safety reasons. Note that every bike includes a tire bag. You only have to worry about your pedals, your shoes and your helmet. If you wish to hire a helmet from us just inform us!

Cost & Claims

In case you rent the bike for less than a week or you are self guided, then you are charged with the refundable cost of 100€. You deposit it to us upon receiving the bike. Please check the bike before you rent it. Our bikes are in a perfect mechanical condition, but in any case check it so that we can avoid any mishappening later.
In case you have any problem with your rented bike you have to report it to us immediately and we will do our best for your service.
In case of accident or theft, the responsibility lies totally to the renter.

Payment Options

  1. Paypal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. You can pay for it immediately to our partner which bring you the bike


Bike Type 1 day 3 days 7 days Any Additional Day
Wilier GTR road 25€ 70€ 120€ 15€
Eddy Merckx EMX 1 road 25€ 70€ 120€ 15€
Eddy Merckx AMX Alloy road 20€ 50€ 100€ 12€
Wilier Cittadella city 15€ 40€ 80€ 10€
Wilier 709 mtb 15€ 40€ 85€ 12€
Wilier 409 mtb 15€ 40€ 85€ 12€
Wilier Asolo fitness 17€ 40€ 85€ 10€
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