Carl Burrows

Dear Mr Leventakis,
May I say what a pleasure it was meeting you at the weekend, and what a pleasure it was participating in the cycle event (59k).
I know from my own experience of organising a road running event in England that such events do not just happen by chance, but take much planning and dedication and personal stress. As such I wish to thank you personally for yesterday. The event for me went very well; the start and finish were excellent, the facilities available were good, the course marshalling was excellent and the support of the feed stations was superb ( a dropped water bottle was very quickly brought up to me by a motorcyle rider, much to my surprise and delight).
I look forward to making a return next year, hoping that it is still your intention to organise the event again in 2014. Keep up the hard work, Mr Leventakis, as it made such a wonderful contribution to mine and so many other people’s lives yesterday.
Thank you.
Very best of wishes,
Carl Burrows